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Welcome to the DL1IAO Station Tour!

All antennas are supported by a single BP60-style 17m Versatower which can be cranked down to 9m.  Over the past years all kinds of different wire antennas have been tried for the low bands and the setup still varies depending on my needs.


160m     17m INV L (temporary)
80m     DP @17m
40m     Cushcraft Rotary DP @21m
20/15/10m     KT34A @18m
View from north across the busy street.
The short metal pole below
the tribander supports ropes on both
ends used to pull up the wires.
View from the garden (south).
The top of the roof-mounted mast
is at 12m and holds up
a 70cm packet antenna.

Inside (old station):

  Left: TS870 + modified L4B  -  Right: TS870 + SB220
  Topten decoders, WX0B 6-way 100W filters
  WX0B Stackmatch, homebrew 2-radio switch & antenna switching
  CT v10 on 2x Ethernet-linked P200īs
The operating position as of Nov 2003,
ready to go for CQ WW CW!
The corner arrangement has been built by my dad Ralph DJ1DB. © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO